tri-state throwbacks

Know what's awesome about being in the same building as the two big top 40 stations of the '70s, '80s and more?  You happen upon some pretty cool stuff...and recently, we stumbled across a huge collection of WDBQ and K-Live 105 music surveys that counted down the biggest hits in the area every week.  Instead of just geeking out on them ourselves, we thought we'd share them with you!  So here's the top 5 songs from May 4, 1984:

5. Deniece Williams/"Let's Hear It For The Boy"
Don't lie: you totally forgot this is from the "Footloose" soundtrack.

4. Thompson Twins/"Hold Me Now"
None of them are named Thompson and they're not twins.  Hell, there's three of them.  No wonder they have to demand to be held.

3. Lionel Richie/"Hello"
Don't pretend you're not jealous of that bust.

2. The Cars/"You Might Think"
Seriously, that video was weird.  I wonder if they ever got rid of that fly.

1. Phil Collins/"Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)"
The second soundtrack song on today's chart, Phil originally wrote the song as "Against The Odds."  For some reason, the director felt the need to remind our boy the name of the movie was "Against ALL Odds," and made him change it.

Hope you dug today's Tri-State Throwbacks.  Make sure you check back Monday through Friday for a new countdown!

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