tri-state throwbacks

Know what's awesome about being down the hall from the two big top 40 stations of the '70s, '80s and '90s?  You happen upon some pretty cool stuff...and recently, we stumbled across a huge collection of WDBQ and K-Live 105 music surveys that counted down the biggest hits in the area every week.  Instead of just geeking out on them ourselves, we thought we'd share them with you!  So here's the top 5 songs from May 14, 1980:

5. Blondie/"Call Me"
Yeah, so this is the countdown right before this song exploded -- it was number one on the national charts for six weeks and was the #1 song of the year in 1980.  Less well remembered is that it's the theme from the movie "American Gigolo," which made Richard Gere a thing.

4. Gary Numan/"Cars"
Gary Numan says "Cars" was inspired by a couple people in front of him in London traffic going all road rage and trying to drag him out of his car to beat him up.  Talk about your lemons to lemonade, eh?

3. Linda Ronstadt/"Hurt So Bad"
If you haven't seen the Linda Ronstadt documentary that came out earlier this year, you should track it down.  The way she went from folkie to rock star to Spanish language balladeer to soft rocking our faces off in the '80s is fascinating -- and that she's now unable to sing is just tragic.

2. Ambrosia/"Biggest Part Of Me"
There aren't many yacht rock songs yachtier than this one.

1. Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes/"Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer"
A little over a year before Kim Carnes dominated the world with "Bette Davis Eyes," she was at the top of the charts in this duet with Kenny Rogers.

Hope you dug today's Tri-State Throwbacks.  Make sure you check back Monday through Friday for a new countdown!

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