tri-state throwbacks

Know what's awesome about being down the hall from the two big top 40 stations of the '70s, '80s and '90s?  You happen upon some pretty cool stuff...and recently, we stumbled across a huge collection of WDBQ and K-Live 105 music surveys that counted down the biggest hits in the area every week.  Instead of just geeking out on them ourselves, we thought we'd share them with you!  So here's the top 5 songs from June 1, 1989:

5. Richard Marx/"Satisfied"
EPIC MULLET ALERT! Richard was not messing around with that mullet -- and dig the ponytail on the businessman dancing at the beginning of the video.  Who says there's no fiction in videos?

4. Neneh Cherry/"Buffalo Stance"
I've seen a bunch of buffalo, and none of them stand like that.  Also, who's sucking beer through straws?!?

3. Milli Vanilli/"Baby Don't Forget My Number"
I suppose it'll come out eventually, so I may as well admit it now: I'm only taking credit for writing this post -- someone is behind the curtain typing this thing.

2. Bobby Brown/"Every Little Step"
It's easy to forget, but for about 10 minutes in the late '80s, Bobby Brown was the biggest star in the world...and this song is a good reason why.  If you're not singing along (or at least dancing in your chair), you may want to consult a physician: there's something wrong with you.

1. Bette Midler/"Wind Beneath My Wings"
EPIC MULLET ALERT!  Actually, I suppose it's really just a perm...but that is some big ol' hair.

Hope you dug today's Tri-State Throwbacks.  Make sure you check back Monday through Friday for a new countdown!

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