tri-state throwbacks

Know what's awesome about being down the hall from the two big top 40 stations of the '70s, '80s and '90s?  You happen upon some pretty cool stuff...and recently, we stumbled across a huge collection of WDBQ and K-Live 105 music surveys that counted down the biggest hits in the area every week.  Instead of just geeking out on them ourselves, we thought we'd share them with you!  So here's the top 5 songs from May 19, 1983:

5. Naked Eyes/"Always Something There To Remind Me"
Sure, Naked Eyes' version of this song is the best known, but it was also the last of five versions to make the charts -- following Lou Johnson (1964), Sandie Shaw (1964), Dionne Warwick (1967), and R.B. Greaves (1969).

4. Journey/"Faithfully"
PERSONAL GROOMING ALERT! It's really nice that Steve Perry decided to share the shaving of his pornstache with us.

3. Toto/"I Won't Hold You Back"
I find it odd that Toto never made a video for this song, despite coming out when MTV was at its' peak hotness...but if you like a good ballad, this one definitely qualifies.

2. Men At Work/"Overkill"
I've always been kinda fascinated with Australia, and Men At Work is the reason why -- I'm not even sure I was aware of Australia until these guys and their Vegemite sandwiches started having hits.

1. Irene Cara/"Flashdance...What A Feeling"
Downside to this video: Irene Cara herself isn't in it.  Upside: the epic water bucket scene from the movie you can see it without having to watch what, let's face it, is a dog of a movie.

Hope you dug today's Tri-State Throwbacks.  Make sure you check back Monday through Friday for a new countdown!

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