This THURSDAY, MARCH 31st, AT 7:30PM you can catch the hits and fan favorites of the Beatles, some that were never even played live, all at the Five Flags Center

Rain is A Tribute to the Beatles, with a full theatrical production. In fact, it pre-dates the popular Broadway show "Beatlemania" by several year, has even played Broadway, and continues to tour today.

In celebration of the anniversary of the historic album “Abbey Road,” RAIN will bring the greatest hits of the epic recording to life. No worries, you’ll also get to hear all your early Beatles favorites. Let this mind-blowing performance take you back in time to see the legendary foursome delivering a note-for-note theatrical event that is according to the Associated Press “the next best thing to seeing the Beatles.” It’s you chance to experience the world’s greatest band and album right here in Dubuque.

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The show takes a roughly chronological look at the history of The Beatles through their music. All in all, about 30 songs will be performed during the show with a runtime of around 2 hours, and an intermission. Other than limited onstage banter, there is very little speaking, as the show consists mostly of exact re-enactments of the Beatles' music and live performances. Along with the live music, the production includes high-definition backdrops that feature psychedelic effects, vintage television commercials, and video footage of Rain cast members recreating iconic Beatle moments.

The show begins with the actors portraying an early version of The Beatles' from 1962, their journey to America beginning with The Ed Sullivan Show, their largest concert ever at New York City's Shea Stadium, and then culminates with the breakup of the group and the end of the 1960s.

This is a great chance to expose your kids to some of the greatest tunes of all time as this is a family friendly event, with the show being appropriate for all ages. Tickets and more information can be found at or on their Facebook page.

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