There is this awesome lady I go to church with named Shirley. She plays piano on the worship team with me and is a joy to be around. I bring up Shirley because she also commits time to a local organization that does a great deal of good for our community. Shirley volunteers at the food pantry in Cascade, Iowa.

Every year the area food pantries need to be restocked. Several large events and drives, like scouting for food (which I will feature at a later date), help fill necessity items and stock the pantry for several months, but the collection is on going and the needs are always there. On going donations make sure food continues to go to the local community.

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Families or individuals in need of food assistance can partake in food box distributions; the 2nd Saturday of each month Dubuque Area Labor Harvest distributes from its location at 423 W. Locust. This is a contactless, drive-up event. To avoid blocking streets you should go north on Foye Street, then take a right on Almond Street, then take a right on Ellis. Just line up behind vehicles parked in the street and someone wil signal to you to take a left on Dorgan Place, where they will load your vehicle for you.

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Other opportunities to help include volunteering for the 2nd Saturday food box giveaway or the 7 to 8:30am breakfast each Saturday, where volunteers cook and serve breakfast.

Click this link for a current list of resources available to help those in need, including food boxes, meal sites, rent & utility assistance, brain health resources, personal hygiene products, and much more. Feed Dubuque County, Dubuque County Food Resources and the Dubuque Area Labor Harvest also update their social media and websites frequently. In addition, this guide is designed to be printed out, folded in half and distributed in food boxes, meal bags, or little free food pantries so everyone in the community knows how to get the food they need.

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With your individual help we can serve the greater community and make sure that no one goes hungry this year.

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