Reddit is backing a furious wife whose husband had a one-night stand and is now asking her to rehome her two French bulldogs because the man's "love child" is allergic to her pets.

As if overcoming infidelity isn't enough, the anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit's popular AITA thread, writing, "My husband had a one-night stand. After much counseling, I decided to forgive him and work on our marriage."

"Unfortunately, the woman got pregnant, and they now have a 3-year-old boy," she continued. The child is highly allergic to dogs, and the mother is now "demanding" that they rehome the pets so that her son can visit his father.

"I was fully prepared to welcome this child into my home with open arms and be the best stepmother I could possibly be, as the child is innocent, and he is the little brother of my two children," the woman explained in her Reddit post.

"My husband has visitation every other weekend," she continued. "These dogs have been with me through thick and thin, they were there with me when I suffered severe depression over my husband cheating, and my kids adore them too."

Unfortunately, the young boy doesn't understand why he's not allowed to come to the house and often feels left out during family functions.

Though she refuses to rehome her dogs, she still offered some alternatives to her husband.

"I told my husband he can either do the visitation at a hotel, get a second apartment for him and his son, or we can build an in-law unit at his expense above the garage," she shared. "But, I told him my only stipulations are that this comes out of his own pocket ... he may not dip into our kids' college funds and the dogs stay."

"When he was hemming and hawing because he wanted to be all things to all people, I told him I will divorce him well before I do away with the dogs," she added.

"AITA for refusing to get rid of my dogs because my husband cheated?" the woman asked, turning to the internet for advice.

Her tricky situation garnered over 14.3 thousand upvotes, with many comments urging the woman to make an exit.

"Keep the dogs. Get rid of the husband," one user advised. "Wild that the woman who had an affair with your husband thinks she gets to dictate to you what animals you can have in your home."

"You are offering him a LOT of potential solutions to this. This is part of his repair work for cheating. He already disrupted your life in a way he's lucky you kept him around. You don't owe him more heartbreak from you to indulge his mistake," another user wrote.

Meanwhile, another baffled Reddit user commented: "It blows my mind that after she forgave him for cheating and having a child with the other woman, they're now expecting her to just get rid of the dogs!"

It's clear where the internet stands. 

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