Christian Bale won Best Actor during the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday and made sure to thank his children, whom he referred to as "Burrito and Banana."

The joke went over several fans' heads, as they took to Twitter to try and figure out if the 44-year-old Welsh actor and wife Sibi Blazic really gave their children such unique names. Despite the seemingly ridiculous nature of the monickers, several believed it was actually possible.

"Wait...are Christian Bale's children names...Banana and Burrito?" MSNBC's Chris Hayes wondered.

Another curious fan tweeted, "How many people have just raced to the Google search to ask if Christian Bale's kids names are Banana and Burrito? Because that is what he just legit said on the #GoldenGlobes."

"What was more surprising to you: Christian Bale calling his children Burrito and Banana or that he has a Cockney accent?" another wrote.

Bale's two children are actually called Joseph and Emmeline Bale. This fact was disappointing to many, who wanted so badly to believe the actor was telling the truth.

"Banana and Burrito are catchier, for sure," author Jennifer Mendelsohn tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, "Also Christian Bale definitely just called his children Banana and Burrito and if those aren't their real names I'll cry."

"I really want Christian Bale's kids to be named Banana and Burrito, but sometimes life's not fair," a third said.

Bale's quip about his kids wasn't the only buzzworthy moment from his Golden Globes acceptance speech. The actor also shouted out Satan for inspiring his performance as Dick Cheney in the film.

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration," he said.


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