Some actors go method for their roles, like Jared Leto sending his Suicide Squad co-stars live and dead animals, or Daniel Day-Lewis and his famously intense dedication. Other actors go to even grander extremes to disappear into a role, like gaining and losing large quantities of weight or disguising themselves under layers of prosthetics and makeup.

The latest wild physical transformation is Christian Bale, who has surrendered his identity to become Dick Cheney in the upcoming Vice – seriously, does this man have a twin? But Bale isn’t the only actor who’s gone to great lengths to change his body and appearance for a role: Charlize Theron has done it more than once, Tilda Swinton nearly fooled us, and 50 Cent gave up all his muscles. Check out the 18 most impressive actor physical transformations in movies and TV, from the hardcore physical makeovers to those who became unrecognizable with the help of makeup. And please, don’t try any of these crazy and probably-very-dangerous diets at home!


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