White Sox Played in Iowa in 1942

I've been hearing and reading it in media accounts of all sorts.  Descriptions of tonight's Field of Dreams Game at Dyersville as "the first major league game ever played in Iowa" are repeated in news accounts from media outlets large and small.  And while it's understandable to be caught up in the excitement, tonight we'll be seeing the first major league regular season game played in Iowa.  It counts.  It's a genuine, regular season major league baseball game.  It is not the first major league game to be played in Iowa, however.  It's not even the first major league game to feature The Chicago White Sox to be played here.


There is a rich history of baseball in Iowa.  Dubuque hosted the first games played in the state, and baseball at all levels has been a part of the state's culture since the game's early days.  In 1942 there was a major leage exhibition game between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs played in Fort Dodge.  It was April 9, 1942, just a week before opening day, and the two Chicago clubs squared off in the first game played in a brand new Fort Dodge stadium.  Fans saw a lot of offense that day as The Cubs beat the Sox 16-14.  By the way the crowd size was estimated at 8,000, the same number who will fill the new stadium at Dyersville tonight.


For more details see: fortdodgehistory.com/sports.

Field of Dreams game time tonight is 6:00 PM.


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