In a recent interview, actor Dwier Brown shared that he found himself living in his car while trying to get established in Hollywood. 

That certainly isn't a unique story for many struggling young actors. Still, he points out that many people are vulnerable no matter who they are or what rung they might be on life's ladder.

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It's typically accepted that society has no guarantees, with many people living on the margins or, worse, left to fend for basic survival.


Dwier Brown's WJOD Interview

Brown played John Kinsella, the father of Kevin Costner's character in the film Field of Dreams. In the movie, John Kinsella gets the chance to heal his relationship with his son. Brown believes many Dads deserve a second chance in relationships and life.

Photo Credit: Dwier Brown
Photo Credit: Dwier Brown

Dwier Brown's highly acclaimed bestseller, If You Build about fathers, fate, and his role in Field of Dreams. The book expands on the notion that life can throw a curveball, no matter our perceived purpose, hope, or dreams. Yet, a second chance remains within our capacity to heal and move forward.

So that's why Dwier Brown supports the nonprofit Almost Home at St. John's Lutheran Church in Dubuque. It's about giving homeless fathers with children a chance to stabilize their lives and build strong, lasting bonds with their kids.

Graphic Credit: Almost Home of Dubuque
Graphic Credit: Almost Home of Dubuque

The Party on Purpose is an annual fundraiser event to support Almost Home and its mission to put homeless fathers with kids back on the path to a stable situation and safe shelter. 

Along with several area businesses, Dwier Brown has contributed silent auction items that may be bid on at the event.

While the issue of homelessness can feel heavy, the fundraiser is a genuine Party on Purpose. So, come and enjoy live music, food trucks, and the silent auction. 


6 pm - Friday, June 10

Wartburg Theological Seminary

333 Wartburg Place, Dubuque, Iowa

Special Guest and Iowa Hawkeye Great Marvin McNutt will also be there to meet and sign autographs for attendees.

Learn about Almost Home's incredible mission to make a significant difference in the lives of Dubuque area dads and their kids at

Learn More about Dwier Brown's bestseller and appearances at


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