Each Easter weekend my church, Cornerstone in Cascade, Iowa, loves to host the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The turnout is usually great, and now that this Covid mess has started to slow down, we’re ready to hop back in with both paws… I mean feet. The Easter Egg Hunt begins at 10am on the Saturday of Easter weekend, which just so happens to fall on April 16th this year. The event is free and open to all families with a heavy commitment to our local community, and will feature 3 distinct age groups so all kids get a chance to enjoy the fun. That in itself is a great idea. This way you don’t have older more capable kids beating the younger ones to all the eggs. And with over 3,000 eggs filled last year there were, and always are, plenty to go around for each grouping. That being said, having three kids that partake in the festivities each year, my candy intake or as I like to call it “dad tax,” usually ends up putting about 5 pounds on the old scale.

attachment-easter egg hunt flyer

It isn’t just candy in the eggs though; small toys, erasers, bouncy balls, stickers, and other fun things can also be found in the eggs. Right before the hunt kicks off, Cornerstone Church will have some Christian worship music playing on a PA system and a small sermon to focus the day’s event on the true reason for the season. No, not the Easter Bunny and candies, but Jesus. This free annual event has become a large and welcoming light in our small community and we’d love to see it continue to grow. Hopefully we’ll see you and your kids at Cascade’s Community Park on April 16th at 10am. Your kids will get candy, a good quick lesson, and have loads of fun hunting for eggs (trust me you can’t miss them). And hey, try out that dad or mom tax… especially on the chocolates!

If your still hunger after the candy, there will be a free breakfast Easter Sunday (April 17th) at Cornerstone Church before the morning service.

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