Jim Harbaugh and his brother John Harbaugh are two of the biggest names in coaching. Jim recently led Michigan to the National Championship in college football and has joined brother John in the NFL. Both brothers coach in the AFC with John in Baltimore and Jim taking over the Los Angeles Chargers. Some may not know that they spent several years of their youth living in Eastern Iowa.

Jim and John will tell you they are coaches because their father, Jack Harbaugh was a coach. Jack was an assistant at the University of Iowa in the early 1970s according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Both brothers remember some tough times growing up in Iowa. But they also remember their dad making the best of it, and introducing them to the mantra that Jim Harbaugh still shouts to this day, "Whose got it better than us? Nobody!" The two Harbaugh brothers recently sat down and shared some stories of their early days in Iowa.

But walking to school because the car was gone wasn't Jim Harbaugh's worst memory of Iowa. He told the Gazette that the first day the family moved to Iowa City, he was chasing his brother John around the yard. Jim ran into the street and was hit by a mail truck! He suffered a broken leg on his first day in Iowa.

The Gazette reports that the Harbaughs have plenty of good memories of their time in Iowa too. Jim recalls many of his teachers from St. Patrick's in Iowa City. Harbaugh told the Gazette, "I had wonderful memories of Iowa City."

Iowans will get the chance to watch both brothers coach on Sundays in 2024.

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