Spring provides incredible opportunities to get connected/reconnected with nature. That opportunity is presenting itself in a big way over the next few weeks as a beautiful species of bird returns to the state of Wisconsin.

Hummingbirds are in the process of migrating back to the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin as well as Illinois. While their presence is relatively muted here in Iowa, there are ample opportunities to spot these magnificent birds in 2/3rds of the Tri-States. Spotting one gets a little easier with the creation of a tool by Hummingbird Central too!

When You Could Start Seeing Hummingbirds:

The folks at Hummingbird Central were diligent enough to make a "Spring Migration" map for 2024. Using a Google Maps template, you can view the entire United States in effort to see where hummingbirds are flying. As of last week, no sightings were reported in Wisconsin, but two confirmed sightings occurred in northern Illinois, meaning the birds are close!

Hummingbirds begin their migration south sometime between late August and October. Male birds start to return to Wisconsin in March and April, while female birds follow them in May, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard:

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The University of Wisconsin-Madison says a good way to encourage hummingbirds to visit your yard/garden is to grow nectar-producing flowers. The university also says having feeders to supplement any short of blooms helps too. Additional water sources, trees, and/or tall shrubs make ideal nesting for hummingbirds too.

Where in Wisconsin You Can Spot Hummingbirds:

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there are more than 300 birding spots in the state of Wisconsin. You can use Travel Wisconsin's website to find one. The Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is one of the premier spots to find hummingbirds as well.

You can also track bird sightings via the Wisconsin eBird app, which allows you to report and track daily sightings of a variety of different birds.

Read more about hummingbirds returning to Wisconsin on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's website. View the 2024 Hummingbird Spring Migration Map here.

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