The website WorldAtlas has compiled a list of must-visit Illinois towns just in time for the spring season. More than just quaint little communities, these areas of the Land of Lincoln take on a beautiful new life in the springtime.

I've been fortunate enough to live near/work in these several of these communities, and one of the towns featured is an indelible part of Tri-States history! After searching high-and-low for some of the best places to find a burger in Illinois, I thought it would be fun to help you find your next getaway as the weather warms.

Galena Makes the List!:

One of the towns WorldAtlas highlights on their list is Galena, IL, which hardly needs an introduction for Tri-States. More than just being the home of President Ulysses S. Grant, the scenic town has a rich history of 19th-century buildings, including the U.S. Grant Home State Historic Site and, of course, Chestnut Mountain Resort!

Moreover, Galena was also recently featured on the PBS show John McGivern's Main Streets (linked above). The titular host spent a great deal of time exploring all the sights, sounds, and food the community had to offer! Read more about that here.

Don't Sleep on Oglesby, IL!:

I lived/worked near Oglesby, IL for several years. It's a town that's easy to miss, but is rife with some delicious places to eat, great scenery, and most famously, Matthiessen State Park and Starved Rock State Park, two enormously popular attractions for Chicagoans and tourists alike.

Take it from me: spring and fall mark the best times of the season to visit these parks. They're still not too crowded with summer tourists, and the weather is optimal, so you're not baked in the sweat and stickiness of the midsummer humidity. You get a great look at the green moss on the rocks of both parks, coupled with the blooming wildflowers, and secluded nature trails.

Also, coming up this summer: Oglesby Fun Fest, which I can also attest is a great summertime festival.

Shoutout to the Western Suburbs of Chicago:

Even a town I grew up near made the list as well! Lisle, IL is easy to miss, for it's a hammock town between two wealthy, bustling mini-metros (Naperville and Hinsdale, respectively) just west of Chicago.

Lisle, IL is a culturally rich area, thanks in large part the prestigious Benet Academy and the neighboring college, Benedictine University (which was nearly my alma mater). As far as attractions are concerned, the Morton Arboretum is a must. It's a 1,700-acre botanical garden rife with trees and radiant wildflowers. It makes for the perfect date activity.

Couple that with PraireWalk Pond, a 4.5-acre area boasting a small pond and some outdoor trails, and the two complement each other beautifully!

See the Birthplace of Illinois' First Brewery!:

Belleville, IL might be too small to be a map-dot, but its history proves rich. On top of being nicknamed the "Stove Capital of the World," Belleville was home to Illinois' first brewery (Western Brewery in 1832).

Of all the things to do and see in Belleville, the most popular might be the Labor and Industry Museum. The museum is home to over 1,000 artifacts that reflect the manufacturing-rich history of the community. Furthermore, there is also the Belleville Strawberry Festival, which is a weekend-long event where people pick strawberries and take part in activities fit for the whole family!

Finally, movie fans, like myself, can visit the Lincoln Theatre!

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View WorldAtlas' complete list of must-visit Illinois towns on their website!

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