Many of us picked up new hobbies or found new interests during the pandemic. But be honest... did any of us become this cool overnight?

A group of suburban moms in Boston combatted their boredom, picked up some instruments, and started rehearsing together. What began as a simple jam session turned into a full-blown band that saw them performing before sold out crowds.

Now, the rights to their unlikely story has been picked up for a potential movie or TV show!

Meet The Lazy Susans!

They're "The Lazy Susans," a rock band comprised of lead vocalist Joanna Weiss, as well as Leila Mitchell, Heather Shaw, Martha Kennedy, and Imge Ceranoglu.

The craziest part? Some of the moms never touched an instrument in their lives! They would meet in Weiss' basement in Milton, MA. Before they even had their sound ironed out, they booked a show at Milton's Porchfest six months in advance.

That lit a fire underneath the women to "get their act together." There's no motivator quite like pressure coupled with a deadline.

The five moms are between the ages of 45 and 55, and their sets include everything from The White Stripes to The Chicks (f.k.a. the Dixie Chicks).

Bound for the Big Screen!

Since their inception, the women have grown beyond covers into writing and performing their own music. Combined, they have 10 children and their own full-time jobs, yet they still find time in their busy schedules to practice and work on their upcoming debut album.

Since they landed on The Kelly Clarkson Show last month, things have only gotten better (and bigger) for the women. Their appearance on a national talk show got them recognition that went far beyond their east coast stomping grounds.

It led to the production company TEG+ acquiring the film and television rights to adapt the story of The Lazy Susans. It only makes sense. This unlikely ascension from working moms to overnight rock-stars would play beautifully on the big screen.

I could easily see Kristen Wiig, Jenny Slate, and Jenny Schaal signing up for this project.

Check Out Their Music!

Those details will shake out in due time. As of now, you can listen to The Lazy Susans' couple debut singles on their Bandcamp website! It's there you can also elect to kickback a few dollars to support the band as well!

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