We were in need of one last hoo-rah before school starts; so, we decided to take the short 2 and 1/2ish hour drive up to the Wisconsin Dells. The views are well worth the trip. Scenic cliffs, sculpted sandstone formations and narrow, moss-lined glens, covered in ferns, hug the banks of the Wisconsin River. This four-mile stretch through the famous Upper Dells gorge features a forest of hemlock, pine, white cedar and oak, all atop magnificent sandstone bluffs and cliffs.

The Wisconsin Dells first gained prominence as a scenic vacation destination in the mid-1850s, thanks to H.H. Bennett, also known as “the man with the camera.” This local resident and photographer traveled through the Dells capturing wonderful images of the unique landscape along the river and was also one of the first scenic tour guides for the Wisconsin River. His amazing photos spread across the nation and led to the Wisconsin Dells area being the burgeoning travel destination it is today. We'll learn more about him below.

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Early river guides met this tourism boom with rowboats. We were told on the tour that the paying passengers even had to do the rowing as the tour guides pointed out what they were seeing. We didn't have to do any rowing, but we still got to enjoy those historic views of the Wisconsin River's Upper Dells. Join me on a trip through a historic and the naturally beautiful area.

Wisconsin Dells: Upper Dells Tour

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