If you live in the Chicagoland area and you’re in the market for an office space that has both a basketball court and giant mechanical squids looking to wipe out every single vestige of humanity, take note: According to Crain’s, the Wachowskis, Lana and Lilly, have put their production offices up for sale. For $5 million, you can own the 21,500 square-foot facility that has been their film and television home since 2008 when they directed their movie version of Speed Racer. (Sadly, it doesn’t come with the sentinel prop from The Matrix. The Wachowskis are going to keep that for themselves.)

Theoretically it’s just a building. The Wachowskis are free to live and work wherever they both choose. But according to some insiders, they may not just be closing down their office; they might be getting out of show business altogether. Here’s what screenwriter C. Robert Cargill posted on Twitter, after it was revealed that the siblings’ Chicago offices were on the market:

Hopefully Cargill is right; whatever hiatus this move portends is a brief and temporary one. But it is also possible that this is the last we’ve seen from the Wachowskis for a long while — or even forever.

That would be devastating. Although their projects in recent years have been hit or miss, even the misses (like Jupiter Ascending) have been bold, fascinating ones. The Wachowskis have earned themselves a break. I just selfishly hope it’s a short one. We need them making the kinds of risky, original films and shows that really only have the clout and talent to pull off in 2018.

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