Iowa brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew take the term “passion project” to a whole new level with their shot-for-shot live-action fan recreation of Pixar's Toy Story 3The video uses real life Toy Story toys and stop-motion technique, along with human performances for characters like Andy and Bonnie. The project, titled Toy Story 3 IRL, took eight years to complete. Starting when they were teenagers and shooting on nothing but their iPhones, the now 20 and 23 year-old McGrew brothers' masterpiece has finally paid off. Check out the full movie here:

The full-length remake is a pitch perfect replication of the original 2010 movie, mastering even the most ambitious scenes. The third act climax in the garbage incinerator is particularly spectacular, with shredded paper effectively serving as the fiery trash heap. But the real way Toy Story IRL goes to infinity and beyond is how the McGrew brothers are able to capture the high emotional stakes in the movie using simply action figures. Woody and Buzz’ signature facial expressions were created using clay, which is admirably DIY in a digital world. Despite not being able to move their mouths with free range (these are real toysafter all) the characters come to life in a convincing way that at times feels like the actual movie. Synced exceptionally well with the movie’s audio and soundtrack, this stop motion version will have you feeling the very same feels that you get from watching the original. That’s not an easy feat.

Disney gave the McGrew brothers permission to release the full project online. And how could they not? Dare we say, Toy Story 3 IRL might be the best live-action Disney remake to come out in the past year.

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