I was 6 years old when the FIFA investigation began. On Wednesday, the United States Department of Justice indicted 14 officials associated with FIFA, soccer's mafia-like governing body.

What does this mean? We're talking SOCCER on the show for the first time ever! I promise, we won't spend too much time but might make your jaw drop with some facts we'll discuss.

My favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, have been getting a lot of front-page pub for weeks due to the Adrian Peterson situation. It appears we now have clarity and, potentially, are closer to finality regarding this mess.

The Blackhawks showed why Cup cred matters on Wednesday night, beating the Anaheim Ducks who didn't show a killer's mentality needed to kill the 'Hawks. We'll preview Game 7.

The Bulls are now looking for a new head coach after firing Thom Thibodeau. Who are potential replacements and why couldn't the Bulls find a trade partner to move the former Coach of the Year?

All of that plus baseball talk including discussion on MY FIRST PLACE MINNESOTA TWINS!!! I thought I wasn't going to be able to type that until 2016 at the earliest.