There's one less reason to feel like a proud American today.

According to a survey conducted by GirlsOnAMap, the best looking women in the world are in -- get ready -- Norway.'


To be honest, we didn't know Norway was even still a country. We thought it had merged with Finland to just become a larger version of a country no one really cares about.

So, how did this happen?

Utilizing a crowd-sourced platform on GirlsOnAMap, where users upload pictures of the “hottest” girls in their countries, over 265,000 ratings were submitted from around the world...Over 60,000 people from more than 90 countries contributed ratings of women based on pictures – no celebrities or models allowed – uploaded by the GirlsOnAMap community of men and women

okay, then, what have we learned here? One, the ladies of Oslo are really sexy underneath the 48 layers of clothing they have to wear to remain the middle of August. And, two, the US, which came in 24th, is lagging behind in the field of beauty. Losing jobs to other countries is one thing. Losing sex appeal is just plain unacceptable -- Iraq finished in eighth for goodness sake and our country is making a point not to lose there in anything.

Countries With Most attractive Women:

1. Norway
2. Lithuania
3. Poland
4. Switzerland
5. India
6. Sweden
7. Iceland
8. Iraq
9. Hungary
10. Belgium