Star Wars fans and music nerds, unite! Record Store Day may be an annual tradition reserved for music enthusiasts, but the film world made sure to nudge its way in this year.

The unofficial holiday, which took place on Saturday, April 16, celebrates the best of music and indie music stores. This year Disney made the biggest mark with the limited edition vinyl of John Williams‘ Star Wars: The Force Awakens score. The release was the top selling album at this year’s Record Store Day, followed by some very non-film names like Sublime and Phish (huh?), according to BuzzAngle Music.

The 10" picture disc features two tracks from the Oscar nominated score, “March of the Resistance” and “Rey’s Theme.” Fans likely flocked to stores to get the album for its special double-sided images of the Millennium Falcon, the ultimate collector’s item.

Walt Disney Records
Walt Disney Records

It’s been a good month for Star Wars fans. The Episode VII Blu-ray and DVD hit stores earlier in April, with more deleted scenes to come, plus the unveiling of the Rogue One trailer. In January, Sony Classical released Williams’ original soundtracks on vinyl in the “Star Wars: Ultimate Vinyl Collections”. The force is certainly strong, but I bet Star Wars fans’ wallets are exceptionally light. Better start saving now for the next decade of Star Wars movies and merchandise.

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