If you live and/or work on the west side of Dubuque, such as myself, you've undoubtedly had your commute burdened by the ongoing construction on the area's main thoroughfare, the Northwest (NW) Arterial.

I will say, despite the general inconvenience, the construction crews tasked with working on the northbound lanes of the NW Arterial since the beginning of the summer have prioritized keeping the flow of traffic moving, even with detours.

We can only hope for the same as the project enters its next phase: resurfacing the southbound lanes from Dodge Street to John F. Kennedy Road.

Photo Credit: City of Dubuque
Photo Credit: City of Dubuque

The City of Dubuque announced Monday that work on the northbound lanes near the Asbury Road intersection has been completed. This was one part of the $9.2 million "Northwest Arterial State of Good Repair Project" that began earlier this summer. Attention now turns to the southbound lanes, which will be resurfaced. Four-foot wide paved shoulders will also be added.

Alternating lane closures will indeed be a factor, but flaggers will help mitigate and control traffic, as they've been doing.

Following the milling work, set for this week, shoulder-work is expected to begin on Thursday, September 1st, according to the release. The asphalt overlay is expected to be completed on September 8th and 9th, with traffic being maintained amidst lane closures. During that time, work on the Asbury Road intersection will take place during the overnight hours, remaining closed entirely for about 40 minutes during this time.

The Dodge Street and Northwest Arterial intersection in Dubuque
The Dodge Street and Northwest Arterial intersection in Dubuque.

Once the southbound lanes on the NW Arterial are completed, the process will then repeat for the remaining portion of the street from Pennsylvania Avenue (where the construction started) to Dodge Street. No official dates have been announced for that roadwork at this time.

With intersection work having already been completely on Pennsylvania and Asbury, respectively, the reconstruction of the northbound lanes from Dodge to JFK is expected to be completed in 2023. It seems like a long way off, but let this also be your reminder that September is basically here already.

Also on the to-do list is an extension of the eastbound, left-turn lane at the JFK intersection. For complete details on the project, visit the City of Dubuque's website.

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