The latest episode of 'SNL' featured Sarah Silverman as the host and it looks like their raunchy guest encouraged the rest of the crew to crawl out on a few limbs. Would the writers have created a fake commercial celebrating the slowly dying power of white people if the world's most offensive female comedian wasn't on hand? Who knows!

The commercial begins innocently enough, with a variety of well-dressed, well-off people addressing the camera and talking about their lives and what describes them. This is, of course, reminiscent of those 'Republicans Are People' ads. They're all united by one thing: they're white and it's great! Sure, their ironclad grip on the world may be slipping and pretty soon they'll have to share all of the wealth and power with other races, but in the meantime, they're all going to enjoy it by going hiking and wearing novelty glasses at champagne-soaked parties.

The sketch works thanks to on-key performances from all of 'SNL''s white actors, playing smug and oblivious to absolute perfection. The direction itself is spot on, making the whole thing look like an actual commercial you'd see airing in, uh, certain parts of the country. The best bit is surely the awful white guy offering a Hispanic man an inflatable globe before snatching it away. It's the kind of comedy that will make your grandparents frown (why are they watching 'SNL' anyway?), but for any white person with an ounce of self-awareness, it's very funny.