Josh and Benny Safdie, the dynamic directing duo behind last year’s highlight Uncut Gems, surprised fans with a brand new short film Goldman v Silverman on Twitter this morning. Benny Safdie, who proved his acting chops in Good Time, goes head to head with Adam Sandler in the six and a half minute short film. The two play street performers who cover themselves head-to-toe in metallic paint. Check it out:

It should be noted that the Safdie Brothers saying they “threw together” a short film is very misleading. Come on, it’s the Safdie Brothers. Their version of a “thrown together” short film includes two razor-sharp performances, masterful camera work, and an electrifying soundtrack. It’s less of a short film and more of a mini movie. The video was released under the Safdie Brothers’ production company Elara pictures, but A24 gets a shout out in the end credits.

The premise of Goldman v Silverman is ridiculously simple — a street performer painted in silver (Benny Safdie) creates conflict with a street performer painted in gold (Adam Sandler) on the streets of Times Square. And that’s it. The short sets up a moment, plays it out, and then... ends. It’s a fascinating exercise in brevity. Or at the very least, maybe it will make the Academy re-evaluate Sandler as Best Actor material. We can only dream.

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