"Let My Love Open the Door" was Pete Townshend's biggest solo hit. Now his longtime bandmate is taking a crack at it. Roger Daltrey recorded a version of the song for Teen Cancer America, which was founded by the two surviving members of the Who.

You can hear a minute of Daltrey's version in the above commercial, and the whole thing at the website for the campaign, which is sponsored by First Citizens Bank. In a new interview, Daltrey described how Teen Cancer America fills a much-needed void in terms of the special requirements that teenage cancer patients face.

“It’s extremely important for hospitals to have a separate section where teenagers with cancer can be treated,” he told Yahoo Music. “They’re too old to be considered children and they’re too young to be adults. And they haven’t had any kind of space that’s comfortable for them. That’s incredibly painful for someone going through that trauma. Obviously we can’t save all of the teenagers who get cancer, but what we can do is make the months, and sometimes years, of treatment they have to go through less traumatic. Even if they don’t make it, they will have had a better experience and their life would have not been so damaged.”

Daltrey recorded "Let My Love Open the Door" less than a month after spending three weeks in the hospital with a case of viral meningitis. Even though he was still feeling the effects of the illness, he was able to get through the session.

“It was a little tough to get back in the studio and work, but there was a time frame that had to be made, so you just knuckle down and do these things,” Daltrey explained. “Performing is very therapeutic anyway. When I sing, everything else disappears.”

"Let My Love Open the Door" was originally released on Townshend's 1980 solo album Empty Glass. It reached No. 9 in the U.S., which tied the placement of the Who's "I Can See for Miles" as the highest-charting song written by Townshend.

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