A few years ago, an officially licensed statue of RoboCop was commissioned by a group of fans and sanctioned by MGM to be set up somewhere in the city of Detroit, where the original movie is based. After nearly a decade, the statue, made of bronze and modeled after a painstakingly reconstructed replica of the original costume, has finally found a home and will be erected sometime in the next few months. I’d buy that for a dollar!

The statue will be installed at the Michigan Science Center sometime this spring, as was announced by the statue’s fund page:

Most importantly, here is what you should know: through your contributions and faith, and through the hard work of many in Detroit and elsewhere, the RoboCop statue has found a home at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit’s Midtown Cultural Center Historic District. Now wait wait wait. Before you come rushing out to see it, there will be an official installation and unveiling date given later this spring. We just signed the paper work with the Michigan Science Center today who will be showing off pieces of the statue at a private event later this week.

The RoboCop statue was commissioned in 2011 and funded by a Kickstarter. The original costume from the movie was reconstructed in detail and a 3D scan was created, to be used as a base for the bronze finished product. Once it’s fully assembled the statue will be taller than 10 feet.

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