Brrrrr! It's been cold this weekend! Do you remember some of the earliest winters in Dubuque's long history?

According to the almanac, earliest measurable snowfall occurred on Monday, October 10th, 1932. The cities average first measurable snowfall comes on November 15th of each year. The average first date for the first inch of snow is November 29th. The earliest inch of snow in Dubuque happened on October 19th, 1976.

You can do your own research at the Weather Underground website. It's kind of fun... you can see what was going on weather-wise on any date you like!

I see our friends at Sundown Mountain have a few runs open already, to many skiers delight! Personally, I don't need any snow, but I know the local kids are all looking forward to those heavy loads of snow that stop up the school buses. I remember those days!

Tonight we'll remember a lot of great memories during the Saturday Night Mix-Tape from 7 pm to midnight! We'll get ready for turkey day with a special request from the one-and-only Adam Sandler, who performed "The Thanksgiving Song" for the first time on Saturday Night Live 30 years ago this week.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Chris Farber / Q107.5

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