Stepping on a LEGO is often followed by screams of agony and the occasional curse word, as many parents in particular may know.

But is there anything worse? According to Reddit: Yes!

Per Reddit's popular "Ask Reddit" subforum, there are a handful of things that might just be more painful than stepping on a single tiny LEGO. (Hilariously, some of these still involve LEGOs.)

"Blowdart to the testicles," one Reddit user jokes.

"Stepping on a burning LEGO," another user suggests.

"Stepping on a LEGO that had a wasp nest on it," another weighs in.

"Getting shot in the special area," someone else writes.

As adults, we step on things all the time. LEGO pain is ruthless and familiar to nearly everyone. The shooting pain we experience after stepping on those tiny plastic toy blocks seems to be universally detested and seared into our collective memory.

Unofficially, it is believed that LEGOs have a special vendetta against our feet. The internet is filled with memes about it, and "I hope you step on a LEGO" is an insult often thrown around during arguments.

Many claim that stepping on a single LEGO is more painful than walking on fire or glass. TikTok has even gotten behind the shared LEGO trauma with viral LEGO walking challenges and workshops.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, "the bottom of each foot is packed with up to 200,000 individual sensory receptors, constantly sending information back to our brains and allowing us to unconsciously adjust our gaits and steps as needed."

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