Paul McCartney has signed a new deal with Capitol Records, marking his return to the label that he called home for most of his long career.

The worldwide deal between the artist and company was announced today. “This is genuinely exciting for me,” McCartney says in a press release. “Not only was Capitol my first U.S. record label, but the first record I ever bought was Gene Vincent’s 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' on the Capitol label.”

McCartney's professional career in the States started with the Beatles' signing to Capitol for their first album, Meet the Beatles!, in 1964. His solo records, including albums by Wings, were also released via Capitol until 1979's Back to the Egg, Wings' final album and McCartney's first for Columbia.

He stayed with that company until 1986's Press to Play, which found him back on Capitol, where he stayed through 2005's Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. The three albums he's released since then -- including his most recent, 2013's New, have been through Hear Music/MPL.

The new deal takes in all of McCartney's post-Beatles work, starting with his 1970 solo debut through his latest releases, including the recent reissues of some of his best-loved '70s and '80s albums that were under the umbrella of Concord Records, Hear Music's parent company.

The press release announcing McCartney's return to Capitol also notes that he's working on a new album, something he mentioned in his recent cover story interview with Rolling Stone. While no details have emerged on the record, McCartney said he's “looking at some lyric ideas” for the project.

The news release also points out that "a comprehensive plan for the artist's catalog is being conceived by Capitol ... and will be implemented beginning July 2017." Fans can probably expect more deluxe reissues of McCartney's classic albums starting at that time.

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