Nikki Sixx is ready to call a truce after two weeks of public backbiting with Kiss. He's calling for an end to their disagreement over Gene Simmons' comments regarding Prince's death.

"Gene's a very opinionated man, so am I," Sixx told Loudwire in the above video. "I'll be honest with you: I think we just kind of look like a bunch of old women fighting at this point. I love you guys. It's like, whatever. It's all good. We're not getting in the ring and fighting over this."

Simmons later apologized for saying he regarded Prince's tragic end as "pathetic," but not before bandmate Paul Stanley called him out on it. Sixx then added his own criticisms – first on Twitter, then on his radio show and in an interview. That eventually drew the ire of Stanley. "Paul said I was beating a dead horse," the Motley Crue star noted. "I actually wasn't. The press was beating a dead horse."

Sixx said individual comments like this are often taken out of context. "If you only take those things and amplify them, it can get blown out of proportion," he said. "What happened in this situation is, I did have an opinion, and it got blown out of proportion."

Sixx said he admired Stanley for coming to his bandmate's defense, adding that he counts Kiss as a major songwriting influence. "Kiss gave Motley Crue one of their very first tours," Sixx recalled. "They've done a lot of great stuff."

This isn't the first time Sixx and Simmons have tangled. Sixx also took took aim at Simmons' opinions regarding depression in 2014.

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