You know that thing in movies where a character falls in dramatic slow motion away from the camera, usually to their death? We kept seeing this trend over and over again and thought we'd do something about it. And what we do is watch a lot of movies.

We went through a whole bunch of movies and compiled some of those very scenes into one supercut. So much slo-mo. It probably has some fancy film school name, but we just call it "The Hans Gruber Shot" (even though, as you can see in this video, Hitchcock was using it back in the 40s).

Before you e-mail us and go, "Hey, you missed this clip!" just know that we were try to be very specific to this one particular shot. So, shots of someone shooting up at them from the ground - even if it was in slow motion and super, overly dramatic - were purposely left out. But, if you still think there's something we should've added, let us know and we'll make sure to include it in a Part 2!