Looking for a job is a job in itself. Often, it's an absolutely miserable experience rife with dead ends, several interviews, and, if you're lucky, a rejection email for all your hard work. This might explain why there are so many monthly searches for jobs and job listings in the state of Iowa.

The experts at Class Central, an aggregation site, went ahead and analyzed the average number of monthly Google searches for over 100 different job roles. These roles included terms such as "how to become a (job role)," as well as searches for specific jobs and job salaries to determine some of the most desired careers in the state of Iowa.

Class Central's Methodology:

Class Central used the monthly average search volume data from Google Keyword Planner based on searches over the last 12 months (April 2023 - March 2024) to reveal the five job roles with the most searches. Some of the search terms included in the analysis were:

  • how to become a [job]
  • how long does it take to become a [job]
  • what qualifications do i need to become a [job]
  • [job] qualifications
  • [job] qualification courses
  • [job] salary
  • [job] earnings
  • how hard is it to become a [job]

The Most Sought-After Career in Iowa:

Photo Credit: zimmytws
Photo Credit: zimmytws

Judging by the volume of Google searches, careers in/related to nursing are the most sought-after in the state of Iowa. There are 1,738 average monthly searches via Google related to nursing.

In order to become a nurse in the United States, one must obtain a nursing degree, pass the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (RNs), and obtain a license in the state in which they wish to work. The average salary for a nurse is over $80,000.

Welding Isn't Far Behind:

I had a feeling welding would make the top 10, but I was somewhat surprised to see it land the #2 spot on Class Central's list. Careers related to welding in the US netted over 1,500 monthly Google searches, and the average salary is about $47,000.

One of the attractive elements regarding a career in welding is the fact that it doesn't require much higher education outside of a high school diploma (or equivalent), as well as on-the-job training.

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Many Iowans are Taking to the Skies:

Rounding out the top three of the most desired jobs in Iowa is a flight attendant with an average of 1,497 Google searches/month. It's possible to become a flight attendant with solely a high school diploma; however, some airlines do require a college degree, or fluency in another language due to the abundance of international flights.

The Top Five Most Sought-After Jobs in Iowa:

RankJob RoleAverage Monthly Search Volume
3Flight Attendant1,497

Furthermore, Wisconsin and Iowa were among the states with the steepest decline in jobs as of late. Read more about that here.

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