Martha Stewart is dying to date some new men — she's just waiting for some friends to kick the bucket first!

The 80-year-old lifestyle mogul recently sat down with comedian Chelsea Handler for Handler's podcast, where she dished about two men she finds very attractive.

There's just one problem: one of them is married.

"I had two mad crushes in the last month, which is really good for me. But it turns out, you know, one of them is married to the mother of some friends of mine and I just — he’s so attractive," she gushed.

Handler chimed in, telling Stewart she "can't be a home wrecker."

But Stewart insisted she's never actually been with anyone who was already taken, not even when the opportunity presented itself in the past.

However, she shared that while she has no problems meeting men, “they’re all married to friends of mine or something like that.”

Handler sympathized with Stewart’s situation.

“Well, it’s very difficult because I think there are certain ages we go through where it’s very tempting because you wanna believe that, ‘Oh, maybe this relationship that they’re in is temporary,’” Handler said.

Stewart was not as vague about the situation.

"Or maybe they’ll die,” she quipped. “I always think, oh gosh, couldn’t that person just die?”

“The wife?” Handler asked.

“Yeah! Not — not painfully,” Stewart clarified. “Just die … but it hasn’t worked out.”

Watch the hilarious exchange below:

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