Marvel has announced a lot of Phase Four of its cinematic universe, including a bunch of new movies and TV shows. Most of these projects, though, are on a relatively (RELATIVELY!) small scale. Shang-Chi and WandaVision are not Avengers 5. Not even close.

If you’re waiting for Avengers 5 — or whatever the big crossover movie will be in Phase Four, don’t worry. Kevin Feige says it’s already in the works. At the big CCXP convention last week, Feige said (via Heroic Hollywood):

The MCU is all interconnected, but we really focus on one movie at a time. We’re going to make the best Black Widow movie we can possibly make, the best Eternals movie we can make, the best Shang-Chi, the best Doctor Strange, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther… And keep evolving their stories. Then, yes, it is always fun to see them come together in a master plan. Which is, I promise you well underway.

Will it be another Avengers movie? One would assume that that brand is now too valuable for Disney to leave it alone for very long, although Marvel has other superhero teams they theoretically could turn into a big MCU franchise. ScreenCrush’s prediction all along has been that the next Avengers movie will be called The New Avengers, taking a page from the very popular comics series from the early 2000s, which introduced a bunch of new heroes to the ranks of the Avengers. Given how many of the classic characters left the MCU after Endgame, it just makes sense.

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four movie, Black Widow, opens in theaters on May 1, 2020.

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