Former reality star Jon Gosselin, of Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame, says his total lack of communication with ex-wife Kate Gosselin has affected his relationship with his children, one of which he hasn’t seen in a year and a half.

Regarding his visitation rights, Jon said he does see his children once a week for dinner and every other weekend — but he doesn’t know which of his eight kids will actually show up.

"Most of the time I get four. I haven’t seen all my kids together in about three years,” Gosselin said in an interview with Steve Harvey. "I only get what I get. With my custody I do logistics, so I have to go to the house and get the kids or I go to the bus stop and get the kids. So I pull the gate and whoever comes down the driveway, that’s who I get. I’m not privy to any information, I don’t know who I’m gonna get.”

This arrangement, Jon claims, is why he hasn't seen one of his sons in a long time: "I haven’t seen my son in a year and a half. I don’t know why. I can’t talk to him."

He continued, saying he has no contact with his ex-wife, Kate, and he fears their lack of communication is hurting his relationship with his kids: "We don’t co-parent. There’s no co-parenting. I parent, she parents. At one point in time I would love to co-parent but I don’t see it happening. So now the kids are stuck in the middle, between us. We don’t talk. We talk in court."

The couple starred in the hugely popular reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which chronicled their lives as the parents to twins and sextuplets. Jon and Kate divorced in 2009, after ten years of marriage.

Check out the clip above (via PEOPLE) and be sure to watch Jon's full interview when The Steve Harvey Show airs on Monday (January 25).