Joe Walsh will appear in the next episode of ABC's The Conners, set to air on Wednesday.

The sitcom is a revamp of Roseanne, which was canceled in 2018. Walsh stars as the father of Aldo, going head-to-head with John Goodman as Dan Conner. Executive producer Bruce Helford says Walsh’s character is a “gritty, no-nonsense roofer” is upset about Aldo’s relationship with Dan’s daughter.

“Joe wants to break up Harris and Aldo,” Helford told ET. “He doesn’t feel like it’s a right match. The two go at it, which is really fun.”

A duet between Walsh and Goodman closes out the episode: “That’s also pretty damn wonderful,” Helford adds, describing Walsh as “truly one of the most naturally funny human beings that I've ever worked with.”

Walsh's character actually kickstarts one of several “really great arcs” over the fourth season. “We have Harris going through some major struggles,” Helford hinted.

Walsh has a long history of TV and movie appearances, almost always playing himself. He's portrayed a prisoner dancing on a table in The Blues Brothers, and was a recurring character the Drew Carey Show from 1997 to 2001. His most recent cameo came in 2016 when he once again played himself in an episode of Better Things.

Champion Speakers, his booking agent for non-musical events, has described the Eagles star as “one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most colorful and much-loved characters” and a “fantastic keynote and after dinner speaker. Walsh uses his personal experience and skills as a performer to both delight and inspire any crowd.”

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