After a period of dormancy, comedy is making its return to Dubuque in a big way, with a new club just weeks away from opening in Dubuque's Historic Millwork District.

Per Telegraph Herald/Biz Times, a new comedy club/bar known as the Jester's Lounge will be opening in the Novelty Iron Works Building at 333 East 10th Street in June. The Jester's Lounge will be taking the place of the former Comedy Bar. Beyond being a venue for comedy shows, the lounge/bar will be open from 4pm to 2am Monday - Sunday.

The Novelty Iron Works Building in Dubuque, IA. Photo Credit: Google Street View
The Novelty Iron Works Building in Dubuque, IA. Photo Credit: Google Street View

The owner and operator of Jester's Lounge is John Ohnesorge of East Dubuque, IL, who is tentatively planning for Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 to be the opening night for the club, per Biz Times.

Ohnesorge owns Top Billing Entertainment, and regularly books comedians and bands at other venues. Prior to erecting a new comedy club in Dubuque's Millwork District, Ohnesorge owned Southend Tap, located at 55 Locust Street. With Ohnesorge's rolodex of comedians and performers coupled with his bar experience, The Jester's Lounge should be a home-run.

Dubuquers already know the Novelty Iron Works Building as a destination. The massive structure is home to Gary Dolphin's Iron Bar, the barcade Backpocket Dubuque, and an 8,000-square-foot event center. Coming soon to the building is Driftless Pizza, a New York and Detroit-style pizzeria, which will be located above the Jester's Lounge.

Furthermore, Ohnesorge residing in East Dubuque assures that Jester's Lounge will be a locally run operation. The Comedy Bar was run by people from Chicago, so operational flow should be more consistent with the guiding hand of a local individual.

Also helping Jester's Lounge is the closure of The Lucky Cat in Cedar Rapids. There is a clear void for comedy and stand-up in eastern Iowa that Ohnesorge's operation looks to fill. Ohnesorge also told Biz Times that the comedy club will be separate from the bar, so patrons can decide whether they want to see the show or just relax at the bar. He anticipates ticket prices for shows will anywhere from $0-10/person:

It’s not going to be anything outrageous. I’m just really excited for the comedians in town. They are stepping up with suggestions and help, all the way up to staffing. Business brings business, and it’s going to be good for the Millwork District and the community. - John Ohnesorge, per Biz Times

Read more about the Jester's Lounge opening in Dubuque's Millwork District on Biz Times' website.

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