Journey has always maintained a rugged tour schedule, extensively touring even when there wasn't a new studio album to promote. Yet, oddly enough, this history of road work has not always been well-documented.

For instance, there's only one official live recording to chronicle the time on the road supporting their first six studio LPs. Another one wouldn't arrive for decades. Without much of a backlog of albums to survey, a comprehensive countdown of Journey live projects simply has to take in their concert films, as well. That makes room for Journey 2001, the only live release from Steve Augeri's 1998-2006 tenure in the group.

Performances from Journey's 1981 tour in support of Escape helped form the basis for two belated LPs, while Arnel Pineda's record-smashing run as frontman is the subject of three live projects. But that only tells part of the story for Journey, which sprung from the ashes of Santana before seeding several notable outside musical pursuits.

So, we also returned to related offshoot and solo efforts from band members Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, including the Babys, Santana IV, HSAS and Journey Through Time. This provides a more comprehensive look into Journey's influences and their various creative outlets, illustrating how the past threads into their current sound.

Check out this expanded look back as we rank every Journey live project.

Ranking Every Journey Live Project

They're seemingly always on the road, but the shows haven't necessarily been well-documented. So, we took a more expansive look back.

Gallery Credit: Nick DeRiso

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