A woman is confused after her ex-husband became upset when she declined to attend his upcoming wedding.

"My ex-husband is getting married in a few weeks. We have three children together. I got an invitation from his fiancée in December, but I didn’t answer," she began on Reddit.

The woman initially believed her ex had simply sent her a courtesy invite, but it turned out he actually expected her to attend the nuptials.

"She [his new fiancée] called me twice last month to 'talk me into it.' My ex also brought it up multiple times. I said no each time and didn’t take it seriously. Then yesterday when he came to drop off the children he said that he insisted that I come to the wedding," she continued

The woman then asked him if it was because he wanted their kids to attend, so she offered to have a babysitter take them.

"He said 'No, I want you to do it for me.' I told him that it was very weird. He started crying and saying that he wanted me to be there for him. I was very uncomfortable," she said, adding she and her ex-husband aren't even really "friends."

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Users in the comments were also confused by her ex-husband's request.

"I didn't go to my ex's wedding and I certainly didn't invite her to mine. We also share children. I might add, we get along fine," one person wrote.

"I am weirded out by this whole request," another user commented.

"Does he want to rub your face in his marriage? Or maybe the fiancée has an ulterior motive, is she evil? Does she want to belittle you? It is weird. I wouldn't go," someone else chimed in.

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