A woman has gone viral after allegedly demanding an Instagram handle from another user named "Katherine Asplundh," who then posted the interaction on the NYCinfluencersnark Reddit forum.

"This just happened today. I use this account to post and archive photos I don’t want to post on my main account. I thought this was a scam at first. I would have given her my username for free but her attitude threw me off," the Instagram user captioned their post.

The alleged screenshots show a woman named Katherine Drisc messaging the person to ask if she can purchase their username as Asplundh is her new married name.

"Hi congrats! That's my name too," the person replies, explaining that they would not like to sell the username due to Instagram's rules, which could get them banned for doing so.

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The other woman then argues that "celebrities do it all the time" and claims it was strange to come across another person with the name Katherine Asplundh.

After the Instagram user refuses a second time, the influencer responds that she doesn't believe the person's name is actually Katherine Asplundh and that she reported their account.

The woman then accuses the anonymous Instagram user of "pretending to be someone" they're not and adds that she married into "the only Asplundh family in the U.S.," to which the agitated Instagram user clarifies that they are not American.

"If you were nice I would have considered giving it to you for free. But you weren't. I reported you for asking me to sell my account and another report for harassing me. Have a good day," the Instagram user writes back.

The family the influencer allegedly married into is a billionaire family with connections to Dr. Oz and fitness guru Tracy Anderson.

According to the New York Post, the Asplundh family owns Asplundh Tree Experts Co., which was co-founded by Carl Asplundh, who is Dr. Oz's wife Lisa's maternal grandfather.

Dr. Oz and Lisa are reportedly shareholders within the company.

But that isn't the only celebrity linked to the Asplundh family.

In 2021, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who's known for having A-list clients like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, married into the family when she wed Chris Asplundh, Jr.

According to People, Chris is a business manager at his family's company and married Anderson in early 2022 after they began dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2020.

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