Hanson has announced the upcoming release of a greatest-hits compilation album which will combine songs from their six studio albums, plus their newest single "I Was Born." Over two CD's, plus a digital download, the album will ship this fall on Sept. 8.

The band's career has spanned over two decades, though they are still known for their 1997 hit "MMMBop." To date, they have sold over 16 million albums, 8 of which have ranked in the Billboard Top 40 in the United States.

Pre-sale of Middle of Everywhere Greatest Hits is available now on the band's website, and you can see the track listing below.

1. "I Was Born"
2. "Mmmbop"
3. "Where's The Love"
4. "I Will Come To You"
5. "Weird"
6. "A Minute Without You"
7. "This Time Around"
8. "If Only"
9. "Save Me"
10. "A Song To Sing"
11. "Penny And Me"
12. "Lost Without Each Other"
13. "Underneath"
14. "Strong Enough To Break"
15. "Broken Angel"
16. "Great Divide"
17. "Been There Before"
18. "Georgia"
19. "Go"
20. "Watch Over Me"
21. "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"
22. "Give A Little"
23. "Juliet"
24. "Get The Girl Back"
25. "Fired Up"
26. "Already Home"

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