My thanks to Micki and Bev for stopping by the studios this morning to chat about Granny Basketball.  Do you have an older family member that is looking for a fun, somewhat physical social activity?  The Dubuque Granny Basketball League is looking to build another team… here are the details.

Well, it’s kinda what it sounds like.  Granny Basketball is for women over the age of 50 who want to have fun, get exercise and meet new people.  (The oldest lady on the team is 73 and the oldest lady in the league is 86!)

It’s not too physical.  Granny Basketball only uses a third of the court, there’s no running or jumping and the ball is only dribbled twice before being passed and shot at the hoop.  According to Micki and Bev it’s both easy and fun.

Practices are every Monday and happen at a few different spots, including Courtside on Holliday Drive and Roosevelt School.  The season runs from October to May.  Games are held once a month, with some traveling involved as some of the other teams are in Cedar Rapids, Center Point, Lansing and Harpers Fairy, too.

If you would like to possibly start a new team, Bev would like to help form the group.  Call her for details at 563-543-8868 or check the OFFICIAL GRANNY BASKETBALL WEBSITE.

For fun, Granny Basketball seems like a slam dunk!