Lots of people have Durango addresses, but only four individuals are listed as residents of the town here in Dubuque County.  Durango boasted 22 residents in the 2010 US census, but just four in the census released last year, putting it into a four-way tie for second smallest town in Iowa.  Smallest-town honors go to Leroy, with a population of three.

The state's largest city is Des Moines, while Dubuque ranks 11th.  Durango may rank near the bottom in population, but it ranks at the very top of any list of coolest town names!

Second Smallest: Durango, Elkport, Athelstan, and Pioneerpop. 4
Smallest: Le Roypop. 3

Durango, Iowa May, 2021

More details here: iowa-demographics.com/cities_by_population.

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