The City of Dubuque and the Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission are now accepting applications from eligible parties through the Arts & Culture Operating Support and Special Projects grant programs. Applications for the Operating Support program are due by Friday, April 29th. Applications for Special Projects funding are due by Friday, May 13th.

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Since the funding of these programs began, the City of Dubuque has invested over $4.1 million in organizations and activities that increase the community's access to a variety of arts and cultural experiences. They do this by using the power of the arts, creative expression, and cultural offerings; hoping to bring about economic activity, help produce citizen engagement, and build a balanced community of choice.

The Operating Support grant program is used to sustain already established Dubuque based nonprofit organizations. Any organizations applying should have a primary goal to provide the public with events and activities directly tied to the arts, arts education, and cultural heritage.

The Special Projects program provides support to build unique and groundbreaking creative arts and cultural experiences. Any and all projects applying would prioritize community engagement and active partnership. This would insure that all involved could experience change and growth when participating.

Both programs require applicants demonstrate how their organization or program intertwines diversity, equity, and inclusion planning and practices. Applicants must also align with the goals and priorities of the City of Dubuque's Arts and Culture Master Plan.

To learn more about both grant programs, informational webinars, and any additional information, visit

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