Let’s go ahead and get two things out of the way immediately. First, while the fan art I’ve collected for you here is all great, it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway) that this is only a small portion of all the incredible Venture Bros. fan art that’s floating around out there in the wild of the internet. So if I left some of your favorites out, it just means I didn’t come across it or had to  leave it out for one reason or another.

Second, if you’re familiar at all with the Venture Bros. then you probably have a very good idea why some characters and a lot of the fan art that’s out there for this show couldn’t be featured. You know who and what I’m talking about. (Sorry, Molotov.) Honestly, even some of the tamer stuff I could include is already pushing it. Even though it honors many of the tropes and trappings of some our favorite kid-friendly cartoons and characters, the Venture Bros. has always been a show for the grown-ups that grew up on those kid-friendly cartoons. Or, you know, teenagers and young adults who are kinda familiar with them thanks to Cartoon Network.

Since the show’s debut almost 13 years ago (seriously?!), what started as seemingly like a mere parody of Jonny Quest grew and evolved to become something far greater than the sum of its influences. The characters are bizarre and they live in a world that only becomes stranger with each passing season, but no matter how odd their lives become the cast only seems to become more three dimensional. Their personalities more defined, their “realness” more real.

It’s weird.

Take that statement any way you want and it applies to this show. But there’s no question that it’s that inherent weirdness that has spoken to so many and garnered the show the kind of following a lot of other shows can only dream of fostering. Oh, also it’s pretty funny. And violent. And dirty. Did I mention weird? It’s pretty weird.

Venture Bros. sixth season premieres Sunday, January 31, 2016, on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.


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