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Reddit Conspiracy Theorists Think Bachelor Pilot Pete Ends Up With Show Producer

A theory on Reddit claims that Peter Weber from The Bachelor isn't going to pick any of the girls that are competing for his love. Some on the forum believe there is evidence to suggest he actually ends up with one of the producers of the show, Julie LaPlaca. Read the "evidence" for yourself on Reddit.

Having a Dog in Your Dating Profile Photo Increases Chance of Finding Love

It's Valentine's Day week! This week is known to be the most popular week for online dating and dating apps. So, if you're looking to find a last minute date for Friday, consider this unusual tip: Studies show that a third of online daters swiped right because a dog was in someone’s dating profile. In fact, most people want to meet the dog in someone’s profile more than they wanted to meet the person! (via Digital Hub)

Berlin Man 'Hacks' Google Maps

A Berlin man tricked Google Maps into thinking there was a traffic jam. Google Maps uses red shading to indicate heavy traffic by utilizing real-time traffic data measured from the speed of phones traveling on the road. Usually, a bunch of slow moving phones means a traffic jam.

Simon Weckert called his experiment "Google Maps Hacks." According to the Washington Post, his experiment was to demonstrate the pervasive, real-life influence of modern technology. Weckert got 99 phones, put them in a wagon and walked down a road that was nearly empty. However, it showed up as bumper to bumper traffic on Google Maps. (via Washington Post)

Dwayne Wade Reveals 12-Year-Old Child Now Identifies as Female

NBA star Dwayne Wade went on Ellen recently where he revealed that his 12-year-old child now identifies as female and has requested that they call her Zaya. Plus, Zaya spoke out herself in a video posted by Gabrielle Union, giving advice to those who may be going through a similar situation. (via TMZ)

Kaitlyn Bristowe Falls Victim to the 'Ultimate Instagram Fake Out'

Ever see an article of clothing on your social media feed, order it, and when it arrives in the mail it looks nothing like the photo? That's exactly what happened to Kaitlyn Bristwoe, who put her unfortunate shopping experience on blast via Instagram. (via People)

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