Now that there is a new, award-winning movie all about the Joker, and there is a new Batman movie in the works, fans are frothing at the mouth imagining the two characters meeting on the screen for the umpteenth time. And certainly it’s hard to imagine a more appealing pair of actors squaring off in Gotham City than Joaquin Phoenix as Joker and Robert Pattinson as Batman. So a certain amount of excitement about the potential onscreen duo is understandable.

Joker director Todd Phillips says that’s not in the cards, though. (Get it? Cards, jokers? You get it.) He was asked by Variety at the Toronto Film Festival whether the early success of Joker means we could be headed towards a new Batman vs. Joker movie. He responded definitively: “No, definitely not.”

We will see more of the Joker, though. Phillips assured fans the character will return in some form — just probably not in the form of Joaquin Phoenix throwing pies at Robert Pattinson:

Oddly, in the states, comic books are our Shakespeare it seems, and you can do many many versions of “Hamlet. There will be many more jokers, I’m sure, in the future.

Joker opens in theaters on October 4. Pattinson’s Batman movie arrives in multiplexes on June 25, 2021.

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