The latest internet conspiracy involves two Pratts...

After Chris Pratt and Spencer Pratt ran into each other at Bellator 214 in Los Angeles, people couldn't help but wonder whether the two are really related or not. The Hills reality star and Jurassic World actor, who were joined by Spencer's wife, Heidi Montag, and their 16-month-old son Gunner, had what they called a "family outing" over the weekend and there's even a hilarious video that captured the moment.

"So good when two cousins can just get out and enjoy life, you know what I mean?" Chris said in a video posted to Spencer's Instagram. "It's really nice."

Chris, who recently gotengaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger, then joked about not having seen Spencer and Heidi's son since he was born. "I haven’t seen my own nephew Gunner since birth. He’s growing so big!” he quipped.

Check out the video below:

So, just to be clear: No, Chris and Spencer are not cousins. Though they share the same last name, they're not related...not even a little bit.

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