Less than a week after an episode of the Iowa PBS show Road Trip Iowa took viewers on a trip to the landmark Field of Dreams movie site, a national PBS show made a stop in Iowa and, in turn, drew a crowd of thousands.

The long-running program Antiques Roadshow was seen filming in a quaint little Iowa city on Monday, June 10th, 2024. The American version of the show has been on the air since 1997. If that feels too recent, you might be recalling the British show, which has been airing since 1979.

Where in Iowa was Antiques Roadshow Filming?:

Per KCCI, nearly 4,000 people came out to Living History Farms in Urbandale, IA on Monday to get their attic/basement/familial treasures appraised by the world-class team of appraisers on the program. Each individual was randomly selected via a sweepstakes the show held in advance of filming. Those selected were permitted to bring two items to the filming.

If you've seen even one episode of Antiques Roadshow, you know there is no blanket description of the items people bring to/on the show. Some bring in artwork, some bring jewelry, sports cards, furniture, war memorabilia, first edition books, and more. KCCI notes that one person brought handwritten letters from E. B. White, author of timeless children's books like Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.

At auction, those letters could go for anywhere from $6,000 - $7,000 to the right buyer!

However, You Can Get a Taste of Urbandale Treasures RIGHT NOW!:

Another gentleman brought in a Jackie Robinson exhibit card, noteworthy even beyond its historical significance because it's a collectible sports card the size of a post-card.

The social media team behind Antiques Roadshow was hard at work yesterday too. They recorded a nearly 90-minute "YouTube Live" video where they tracked down people getting their items appraised. Of course, it'd be impossible for everyone and their treasures to make the show, so this behind-the-scenes access is truly special. It's also oddly addicting (I watched about 20 minutes before I realized I needed to get back to work.

When Will Urbandale Be Featured on New Episodes?:

Antiques Roadshow executive producer Marsha Bemko told KCCI that once they complete filming, they'll have enough material for three episodes that feature Urbandale, IA, and maybe an additional city. The Urbandale shows will be a part of the show's upcoming 29th season, slated to premiere on PBS in 2025.

After Urbandale, the show's crew and appraisers are headed to Maryland, after already tackling Nevada, Arkansas, Colorado, and now Iowa on their 2024 tour. This is only the third time the show has visited the Hawkeye State, having first stopped in 1999 and then again in 2010.

Read more about Antiques Roadshow stopping in Iowa on KCCI's website.

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